Client Assessment in Zambia

Microfinance Assignment 2012 of Yvonne Suter

Only a few days to go before leaving for Zambia

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Preparations for my assignment keep me busy as it is only a few days to go before leaving Switzerland for Zambia.

Work days hardly end as I want to ensure a proper hand-over to my team members. I am very grateful that they are ready to take over some extra work load to compensate for my absence. Thank you, Daniela and Matthias!

Laura, Head Microfinance, and Daniela and Matthias from my TeamMy Family at home, celebrating the Swiss National Day

More pictures

On August 1st, Switzerland’s National Day, I took the opportunity to say goodbye to my family and friends. First, as a member of the provincial parliament I attended the official ceremony of my home town Rapperswil-Jona. In the evening, I enjoyed a relaxing barbecue with my family in the backyard of my flat.

Now, I am looking forward to getting my luggage ready and taking off for Johannesburg and Lusaka…


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